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Program approved in 2002

The general objectives of the Bread Making program are to acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to evaluate the physical and chemical properties of a dough, choose the basic ingredients for different baked goods, write a production recipe, prepare preferments and sourdoughs, knead doughs, cut, round and shape doughs, shape white and specialty bread doughs, prepare bread and viennoiserie pastry and bake bread and other bakery goods.

To be eligible for admission to this program, candidates must meet one of the following requirements:

Persons holding a Secondary School Diploma or its recognized equivalent, for example, an Attestation of Equivalence of Secondary V studies, or a postsecondary diploma such as the Diploma of College Studies or a Bachelor's degree
Persons who are at least 16 years of age on September 30 of the school year in which their training is to begin and have earned the Secondary III credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in the programs of study established by the Minister, or have been granted recognition for equivalent learning
Persons who are at least 18 years of age upon entry into the program and have the following functional prerequisites: the successful completion of the General Development Test (see the following table), or recognition for equivalent learning
Persons who are 15 years of age on June 30 of the school year preceding their admission to a pilot project involving concurrent general education and practical training, who have attained vocational maturity and who have earned their Secondary II credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics. By means of concurrent admission with an integrated schedule, they will continue their vocational training and their general education in the youth sector to complete the Secondary III prerequisites they need to obtain their vocational training diploma. Authorization by the Ministère is required for the concurrent admission of a student in Secondary III to the programs of study listed in Schedule VII (see Section 8.2.1).

Lester-B.-Pearson SB
Centre de formation professionnelle

Pearson Adult and Career Centre

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J 02 Oct 2018

Professions visées (IMT En ligne d'Emploi Québec)

Appellation(s) d'emploi

Contenu du programme

Numéro ou codeNom du cours / CompétenceHeures
900711Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process15
900721Adopt preventive measures with regard to hygiene and cleanliness15
900733Choose the basic ingredients for different baked goods45
900742Write a production recipe30
900753Knead doughs45
900763Evaluate the physical and chemical properties of a dough45
900773Prepare preferments and sourdoughs45
900783Prepare bread doughs45
900794Cut, round and shape doughs60
900806Shape white bread doughs90
900816Shape specialty bread doughs90
900822Control fermentation30
900832Prepare viennoiserie pastry doughs30
900844Make viennoiserie pastries60
900852Bake bread30
900868Enter the work force120