Engineering Physics Technology







Nombre d'unités

91 2/3

Durée de la formation

1365 Heures


Program approved in 2002. Modified in 2014.

Enable students to acquire competence in the exercise of the profession, i.e. carrying out the tasks and activities of the profession at the level required for entry into the job market; help students integrate into the working world by familiarizing them with the job market in general and the specific context of the selected profession; foster the students' personal growth and encourage their continuing professional development; ensure students' future job mobility by helping them to acquire career-management skills.

To be admitted to the program, a person must meet the general requirements for admission set out in the College Education Regulations, as well as the following special conditions, where applicable:

Must have passed the following secondary-level course(s):

• Sec. V TS or S – Secondary V Mathematics: Technical and Scientific (564506) or Science (565506) Options
• Sec. IV EST or SE – Secondary IV Environmental Science and Technology (558404) or Science and the Environment (558402)



Professions visées (IMT En ligne d'Emploi Québec)

Appellation(s) d'emploi

technicien/technicienne de laboratoire de sciences physiques

Contenu du programme

Numéro ou codeNom du cours / Compétence
027ATo analyze information on work environments in applied physics technology
027BTo solve mathematics problems related to applied physics
027CTo troubleshoot an apparatus used in applied physics
027DTo analyze the dynamic and fluid dynamic parts of systems
027ETo characterize a component or an apparatus using geometric optics set-ups
027FTo validate a method of measurement
027GTo assemble applied physics apparatus
027HTo use design and simulation software
027JTo set up a measuring chain
027KTo establish the relationships between atomic models and material properties
027LTo characterize materials
027MTo analyze thermal systems
027NTo characterize a wave, a component or an apparatus using wave optics set-ups
027PTo characterize waves, components or apparatus using guided optics set-ups
027QTo program a data acquisition and processing system
027RTo set up a positioning system
027STo characterize a wave, a component or an apparatus using acoustic set-ups
027TTo develop an applied physics apparatus
027UTo develop an applied physics component
027VTo participate in setting up and managing a laboratory or production site
027WTo participate in improving a manufacturing process in an applied physics context
027XTo participate in designing an apparatus or component used in applied physics