Architectural Technology






Bâtiment et travaux publics

Nombre d'unités

91 2/3

Durée de la formation

1365 Heures


Program approved in 2003

Architectural Technologists contribute to the development and completion of an architectural project or assist throughout its construction, as defined by the Architects Act, the Engineers Act, the Public Buildings Safety Act and the Professional Code. They may therefore produce drawings and promotional material, design construction details, write specifications, estimate construction costs, coordinate construction work, inspect the condition of an existing building, verify building compliance with laws, standards and the construction code, and contribute to maintaining the quality of an architectural heritage. The scope and the volume of tasks vary according to the type of business, and the type of work, and whether the individual occupies a salaried position or is self-employed.

To be admitted to the program, a person must meet the general requirements for admission set out in the College Education Regulations, as well as the following special conditions, where applicable:

Must have passed the following secondary-level course(s):

• Sec. IV TS or S – Secondary IV Mathematics: Technical and Scientific (564426) or Science (565426) Options
• Sec. IV ST or AST – Secondary IV Science and Technology (555444) or Applied Science and Technology (557416)



Professions visées (IMT En ligne d'Emploi Québec)

Appellation(s) d'emploi

dessinateur technique/dessinatrice technique
dessinateur/dessinatrice en architecture
estimateur/estimatrice en construction
évaluateur/évaluatrice d'immeubles
inspecteur/inspectrice de bâtiments
technicien/technicienne en architecture
technologue en conception de structures

Contenu du programme

Numéro ou codeNom du cours / Compétence
0350To analyze the job function
0351To interpret drawings and specifications
0352To make preliminary sketches
0353To produce presentation materials
0354To research technical information
0355To carry out building calculations
0356To ensure the compliance of a building or a building plan with the Construction Code as well as with the laws, regulations and standard in force
0357To issue a technical report concerning on-site occupational health and safety
0358To communicate with the project partners
0359To assume their responsibilities concerning on-site occupational health and safety
035ATo assess the architectural characteristics of a building project
035BTo carry out building surveys
035CTo make presentation drawings
035DTo make working drawings
035ETo ensure the consistency of project documents
035FTo analyze a problem relative to a building
035GTo design the construction details
035HTo write the specifications for a project
035JTo estimate construction costs
035KTo do a condition assessment for a building
035LTo coordinate construction work
035MTo carry out project management activities
035NTo prepare a project design