Soins esthétiques

Number of credits


Number of contact hours allotted for specific training

1350 Hours


In effect until June 30th, 2018

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Aesthetics (New version)

To enable the students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to plan and carry out various electrolysis techniques such as the blend method; to know the effects of the various techniques and the decisions to be made to perform electrolysis care safely and efficiently; to understand the relation between systemic pathologies, the functions of the skin and the physiological effects of electrical currents, as well as the underlying scientific principles related to their safe and effective use; to develop the competencies related to psychology and professional ethics in the work place.

To be eligible for admission to this program, candidates must meet one of the following requirements:

Persons holding a Secondary School Diploma or its recognized equivalent, for example, an Attestation of Equivalence of Secondary V studies, or a postsecondary diploma such as the Diploma of College Studies or a Bachelor's degree
Persons who are at least 16 years of age on September 30 of the school year in which their training is to begin and have earned the Secondary IV credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in the programs of study established by the Minister, or have been granted recognition for equivalent learning
Persons who are at least 18 years of age upon entry into the program and have the following functional prerequisites: the successful completion of the General Development Test (see the following table), or recognition of equivalent learning
Persons who have obtained Secondary III credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in programs established by the Minister are required to pursue general education courses, concurrently with their vocational training, in order to obtain the Secondary IV credits they lack in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in programs established by the Minister.

Collège Inter-Dec
Vocational training centre

Collège Inter-Dec

GroupStatusD/WStart date
Fall 16
DSep 07, 2016
Winter 17
DJan 09, 2017
English-Montréal SB
Vocational training centre

Laurier MacDonald Vocational Centre/C.F.P. Laurier MacDonald

GroupStatusD/WStart date
DJul 31, 2018
Lester-B.-Pearson SB
Vocational training centre

Gordon Robertson Beauty Academy

GroupStatusD/WStart date
DMay 14, 2018
DAug 21, 2018
DNov 07, 2018
DJan 17, 2019
DMay 08, 2019

Targeted professions (Link to Emploi Québec's IMT En ligne)

Job titles

Program content

Number or codeCourse Name / CompetencyHours
916011Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process 15
916022Apply rules and measures regarding hygiene and safety 30
916032Maintain apparatus and equipment 30
916046Relate body systems with aesthetic care90
916052Apply concepts of interpersonal communication 30
916064Analyze the skin and epidermal appendages60
916071Maintain harmonious professional relationships 15
916086Compare cosmetic products90
916094Give a manual massage 60
916108Give a basic facial 120
916112Perform daily management operations 30
916123Perform a personalized sales transaction 45
916137Apply basic makeup 105
916144Give a manicure 60
916157Give a wax hair-removal treatment 105
916168Give a facial treatment 120
916174Apply personalized makeup 60
916182Give a foot-care treatment 30
916196Give a face-care treatment 90
916202Give a back-care treatment 30
916212Become informed about body care 30
916227Enter the labour force 105