Electrotechnology (Computers and network)







Number of credits

91 2/3

Number of contact hours allotted for specific training

1365 Hours


Program approved in 2007.

The Electrotechnology program aims to train students to be able to perform the activities related to production and set-up of materials and electrical and electronic equipment. The candidates will be employed in public service industries, computer service industries, in telecommunications, factories that produce electric and electronic materials, technical council boards, public and para-public organizations, editing companies and in transport as well as in radiotelecommunications and entertainment. They may also be called to manage projects and personnel, to do customer support, to manage stock and perform administrative duties.

Specialization B - Computers and network

The main activities and tasks associated with computers and network technologists are (electronic section): installation, maintenance, repair and modification fo electronic and computer equipment; (computer section): installation of material and software, maintenance, repair and customer service; (network section): installation, maintenance and functionality of a network and the necessary equipment.

To be admitted to the program, a person must meet the general requirements for admission set out in the College Education Regulations, as well as the following special conditions, where applicable:

Must have passed the following secondary-level course(s):

• Sec. IV TS or S or Secondary 5 CST Mathematics: Technical and Scientific option (564426) or Secondary 4 Science option (565426) or Secondary 5 Cultural, Social and Technical Option (563504).

• Sec. IV TS or ATS – Secondary IV Science and Technology (555444) or Applied Science and Technology (557416)





OptionSpecific (hours)Total (hours)
B Computers and network2 0402 700

Targeted professions (Link to Emploi Québec's IMT En ligne)

Job titles

Program content

Number or codeCourse Name / Competency
037CTo process technical information
037ETo diagnose an analog electronics problem
037FTo diagnose a digital electronics problem
041QTo process information about working in the field of electrotechnology
041RTo implement mathematical models related to electronics
041STo communicate in the workplace
Specialization B - Computers and network
Number or codeCourse Name / Competency
041TTo replace electronic components
041UTo draw electronic schematic diagrams
041VTo diagnose a network-related problem
0428To install an operating system
0429To install a piece of computer hardware
042ATo service a piece of computer hardware
042BTo modify a piece of computer hardware
042CTo set up a local network
042DTo service a local network
042ETo plan the set-up of a local network
042FTo provide technical assisance